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COM: November 2017

Swedish Craft Set (circa 1976)

This is a set of four cans from Sweden's Brygghusol Brewery. It doesn't really fit my normal collection. However, I like it because I have fond memories of the 1970s Swedish can sets from when I started collecting in 1976.

There are five different crafts or trades represented here. They include, from left to right...

The Temperance Movement and Systembolaget

The "KLASS 1" is required by Sweden's system to regulate alcohol, itself a remnant of the temperance campaigns that in the US led to the 18th amendment. Most Americans are not aware that the US movement to ban alcoholic beverages as part of a larger international campaign. There were temperance movements all over the world, and they had other successes besides the 18 th Amendment in the US. Canada

The Klass System


The Cans

Here are the sides and the backs of the cans.

It's not a rare set by any means. You can usually find it for somewhere between $15-$25.00 US on eBay or at shows.



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Wikipedia: "Systembolaget"

Wikipedia: "Beer classification in Sweden and Finland"




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