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Dayton Beer Company

Dayton Beer Company

The Dayton Beer Company was founded in by Owner and Brew Master Peter Hilgeman in 2010. In 2012, they opened their Kettering Tap Room & Brewery. I visited them at the time and purchased a growler. I asked if they would be canning their beers and were told "oh no!." I am glad they changed their mind, as they have attractive cans.

In early 2015 they began canning their beers. They began with Oregon Alley IPA and then The Java Man Cometh. In August 2015 they came out with Area B Experimental IPA, a limited release. Then in early 2016 Dayton Beer Company began issuing Broken Trolley Blonde Ale. That gave them three regularly canned beers along with their bottles.

In 2106 they did a redesign of their labels. The original labels were printed on the cans and focused on the beer's theme. In the redesign, the brewery logo takes front and center with an outline of the Dayton skyline behind. The labels are shrink-wrapped and each brand has its own color scheme. I really like these new designs. They look great on the shelf together. Moreover, they still go with a Dayton-centered theme for their brand names.

The cans below are in the order they were issued, as best as I can tell.

The Cans

If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!


Oregon Alley IPA, 2015

The Oregon District is the oldest historic district in Dayton. It's a combination of old homes and small businesses. The city has been trying to revive it for decades. When I was a kid in the 1960s and 1970s it was a "bad area of town" known for bars and porno shops. My Dad used to call the nearby intersection of 5th and Wayne "Fifth and Wine." It's still a combination of nice old homes, some small businesses, restaurants, and a few "adult book stores"

Java Man Cometh. 2015

Area B Experimental IPA 2015

A limited release, this brand plays on the local stories about crashed alien spacecraft being housed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. These stories were a running joke between my Dad, a plant engineer at the Moraine Frigidaire plant, and my Uncle Jim, who worked at Wright-Pat for FTD.

Broken Trolley Blonde Ale, 2016

The trolley is the one on display at Carillon Park in Dayton.

Mad Wolf

These were announced as forthcoming in June 2016 but I never saw them being issued. On their Facebook page they said possibly September. If they did come out, I missed them.

The redesigned cans: 2016

The redesigned cans have an shrink wrapped label around the can, rather than printed on the can metal itself. This method makes canning more affordable. (At least according to a company that makes them!)


Hawthorn Hill Hefeweizen: 2016

Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood was Orville Wright's home, along with his father Milton, and his sister, Katherine.

Oregon Alley IPA: 2016

Requarth Co. Upright Kolsch

The Requarth Co. was a lumber company (it is still, but also make cabinets). The Wright Brothers bought the wood for their airplanes there.

Codebreaker Double India Pale Ale

Named after The Dayton Codebreakers. In the Second World War the United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory was at Dayton's NCR facility and was used to decode German Enigma messages.

Brown Street Ale

Brown Street is part of what is now the much-enlarged University of Dayton campus area. When I was a kid it was a great place for odd, out of the way stores, such as a magic shop, and great used record stores. For somewhat older boys it was also the site of the Todd Burlesque Theater.

Midnight Dream

Announced in October 2016, the label looks like it could be for a can, but I've not seen it packaged that way.






Riverside Rye


The Java Man Cometh

(new design to match the current theme)

Full 90 IPA

a 16 oz can supporting the Dayton Dynamo, a minor league soccer club.


GCS Lager

a 16 oz can supporting the fan club (Gem City Squadron) of the Dayton Dynamo.

Mad Wolf Double Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale

This 12 oz can departs from their previous pattern.

Photos coming soon  

Trail Town Pale Ale

Another design that departed from their set pattern. A nice looking can though.

If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!

I was in Dayton in February and took photos of the brewery on my way back to the airport. Unfortunately I did not have time to stop by when they were open. Hopefully I'll be able to go visit in 2018.

I love the old industrial buildings in this area, like the Mendelson's in the background. It's a HUGE outlet store.
The Beer Garden outside. It was a cold February Sunday morning when I took this photo, but I bet it was nice on a summer evening!
Across the street is this old building that still advertises the Lorenz Publishing Company. Founded in 1890 it's still in business, although it changed its name to the Lorenz Corporation some decades past. This is still the company offices. I love looking at the old company names on old urban buildings.



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