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Christian Heurich: Research


I am writing a book on the Christian Heurich Brewery.  I would love to talk to anyone connected to the brewery, especially former brewery workers, salespeople, etc.  If you have memories of the brewery and its beer, or information you wish to share, please contact me.

NOTE: My sincere apologies to those who sent me emails earlier. A computer crash deleted well over a decade's worth of mail, including pretty much everything I received before March 2015. So, if you contacted me before, please do so again. I apologize. I backed up everything except my email. (DOH!)

You can see the short bio of Heurich I wrote in 2011 for the German Historical Institute at their site. (opens new window)


(September 2015): I have signed a contract with MacFarland Press and they will be publishing my book in Spring 2017. The working title is "Washington DC's Brewmaster: Christian Heurich, 1842-1945." It will be a peer-reviewed, academic work.

(April 2016) The draft is finished and it's at the publisher for peer review now. 275 pages in Word (12 pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing) 107,000 words not counting the notes and bibliography.

(May 2016) It is undergoing Peer Review and I am looking for images to use.

(August 2016) Positive peer reviews received (Yes Reviewer 1, I am a LOUSY proofreader. Please accept my apologies. I appreciate your patience.) and I am almost done with the requested revisions.

Christian Heurich.

thank you,  Mark B.



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