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Store Brands

 Some of the more interesting cans are the "store brands."  These are cans packaged and sold for a particular commercial interest, usually a grocery or a liquor store. They have also been brewed for clubs, bars, drug stores, and restaurants.   These cans range from the very common to the very rare.  Some of the more famous brands include 905, Brown Derby, Katz, Hoffman House and 7-11. The rarest may be the green and brown Brown Derby can produced for Safeway by Humboldt Brewing in Eureka, California in the 1930s.

Various Store brand Cans Some of the store brand/private labels flats in my collection.

The chart below lists the different brands and who sold them.  I have added pictures to many of them and some have links to larger pictures. I am also slowly adding the brewer(s) that produced these beers.  If more than one brewer made a particular beer, then I listed them all.  Please note that sometimes a single brewer might have used more than one name. For example, Canadian Ace in Chicago also used Atlas, Jester, United States and other names as well as "Canadian Ace."  The brewery name in bold is the brewer that produced the can pictured in the righthand column. If more than one brewery produced the design pictured, I highlighted each brewery that used that particular can design. 

Brand Brewer(s) Store/Chain Sold.
7/11 Spearman, Quality, Best, Altes, Eastern Brewing, Century  7/11
7-11 Beer.
905 Gold Brau, Atlas, 905, Drewry's, Sterling.  905 Liquor Stores
905 Beer.
Acme Acme (i.e. Grace Bros.), Cereal Products Ref. Co Bohemian Distributing
Acme Beer.
Astro Home   Astro Home Liquors
Astro Beer.
B&B Beer  Rainier, Southern Better Buy Wholesale Groceries, 
Fresno, California. 

This is a favorite of mine.  The side panel photo is of the can in my collection.

B and B Beer Cone.BB Side Panel, click to see larger photo.
Beer & Light Beer    Schnucks Markets 
no picture yet.
Bel Air  Horlacher Home Liquors
no picture yet.
Big Apple  Waukee Big Apple Supermarket
Big Apple Beer
Blanchards  Waukee Blanchards (liquor)
 no picture yet.
Bohack  Richards A New York grocery store chain.  Closed in the 1970s.  Seen in the 1968 movie "The Odd Couple" (thanks Andy for the tip!).
Bohack Beer.
Bonanza    Bonanza Liquors
no picture yet.
Brickskeller    Brickskeller Saloon
Brickskeller Series.
Brown Derby  Humboldt, Grace Bros LTD., Los Angeles, Maier, Rainier, Grace Bros., Best, Empire, United States, Eastern Brewing, Salem Assn., Century, Atlantic, K.C. Best, Columbia, Silver Springs. Safeway
Brown Derbys.
Bulldog Acme (i.e. Grace Bros.), Maier, California, Grace Brothers, Atlas, Drewry's.  Bohemian Distributing Company
Bull Dog: A Pip of a Nip in Every Sip.
Camden   Camden Country Camden County Beverage
no picture yet.
Clear Lake Beer  Grace Bros. United Grocers of California
Clear Lake Beer.
Club Special  Maier Marine Club at Camp Pendleton.
Club Special.
Coburger   Horlacher, Old Dutch R. S. Wood Inc.
no picture yet.
Custom Club  Grace Bros. San Francisco Grocery Co.
no picture yet.
Dart Premium   Dart Drugs
Dart Beer.
Einbock Grace Bros. Wellington Beverage
no picture yet.
El Rancho Beer
United Grocers of California
no picture yet.
Elder Brau Grace Bros., Maier, Arizona. Wellington Beverage
no picture yet
Embassy Club Spearman, Best, Metropolis, Champale, Embassy Club,  National Tea Company
(to be confirmed)
Embassy Club.
Finast  Golden Brew, Eastern Corp. First National Stores (a chain in the North-east)
Finast Label.
Fisher's  Atlantic, Queen City, Fischer, Cumberland Piggly Wiggley (to be confirmed)
Fishers Ale.
Foodtown     Foodtown Supermarkets
no picture yet.
GEM, GES, GEX  Colonial, Fuhrmann & Schmidt, Atlas, Drewry's Federal Government Stores
a wine store(s) in Boston.
picture to come.
Giant  several. Giant Foods
Giant Beer.
Gilt Edge  Gilt Edge, Hornell, Century Grand Union Supermarkets
Gilt Edge pair.
Gold Mug   Lebanon Valley P. Donohue & Sons
no picture yet.
Golden Crown  Grace Bros Ltd., Southern, Maier, Grace Bros. Market Basket
Golden Crown.
Grand Union  Gilt Edge Grand Union
 no picture yet.
Hoffman House  Hoffman, Walter Hoffman House Liquor
Hoffman Beer.
Hillman's  Peter Fox, Best, Empire, United States Hillman's Pure Foods (Chicago grocery store)
These cans were previously known only from pictures in advertisements from the 1930s, until they were discovered (separately) by Rusty Bunch members.  Both are one-of-a-kind cans, no others known.
(You may click on the  Hillman's on the right to see a larger photo.)
Hillmans-click to see a larger picture.Second Hillmans.
Hub Draft   Horlacher Two Guys, Circle, and Hub Liquors
no picture yet.
Hynne  Metz, Walter Fed Mart
Hynne Beer.
JayVee Beer  Grace Bros. JayVee Liquor Stores
 no picture yet.
Jennings  Cold Spring

Jennings Liquor Store, Minneapolis.

 no picture yet.
Kappys   Horlacher Kappys Liquors
no picture yet.
Katz Premium  Best, Schoenhofen-Edelweiss, Drewry's Katz Drug Stores
Katz Beer.
Keg  Maier, Goebel. Vons
Keg Beer.
King Cole  Maier King Cole Supermarkets
 no picture yet.
King Kullen    King Kullen Grocery
no picture yet.
L & M  ABC, Maier White Front Stores
L and M Beer.
LF Holburg     Liquor Fair
no picture yet.
Lisco:   This was an extremely rare can which came as both a cone top and as a flat top.  A few more of the cone tops were found in 2002 in the Pacific North West  General Corp., Rainier Sil's Foods. 
Lisco cone-rare!
Little King Horlacher American Supermarkets
Little King Beer.
Maid Rite  Grace Bros. Maid Rite, Kockos Brothers (?)
Maid Rite Beer.
Our   Del Farm & National
 no picture yet.
Padre  Maier Safeway (in the Western United States)
Padre pair.
Park  Fuhrmann & Schmidt Park Beverages
Park Beer..
Pathmark    Pathmark Supermarkets
no picture yet.
PB Class A   Class "A", Horlacher, Wm. Gretz, Esslingers's Packard-Bamberger
PB Class.
Prize  D.G. Yuengling & Son Food Fair
Prize Beer.
Renaee    Village Liquors
no picture yet.
Rheinbeck    Great Eastern Liquors
no picture yet.
Rialto  Rialto Grand Union
Railto Ale.
Rosalie  Manhatten Church Point Wholesale Grocers, Church Point Louisiana. Maybe the most famous private label can for collectors.  The rose on the label was copied from a wine bottle.  Brewed by Manhatten Brewing in Chicago from 1938-1942, only a small handful still exist.  This indoor one was found in the store attic and sold for over $10,000 on Ebay in 2000.
Rosalie Beer. Click to see larger photo.
Royal  Maier, and ? Royal Food Markets LA
no picture yet
Schwegmann  Gold Brau Schwegmann
Schwegmann Beer.
Shop Rite   Horlacher, Old Dutch Shop Rite Supermarkets
no picture yet.
Shopwell  Colonial, Sunshine Shopwell
Shopwell Beer.
Silver Mug   Lebanon Valley P. Donohue & Sons
no picture yet.
Ski Country   Foss Drugs (one store in Colorado)
Ski Country.
Snowcrest Grace Bros. Wellington Beverage
no picture yet.
Super X  Maier, Pacific, Fisher, Lucky Lager, General not sure yet.
no picture yet.
Sternewirth  Rice Lake Otto's Liquors  (Minnesota)
Sternwirth Beer.
Super S. Grace Bros. Safeway
Super S.
Tahoe Beer Grace Bros., Maier Equitable Cash Grocery
no picture yet.
Town Club  Star, Interstate Piggly Wiggly
Town Club-click to see larger photo.
Tudor Spearman, Best, Canadian Ace, Tudor (Chicago), Cumberland, Metropolis (Trenton), Tudor (Trenton), Geo. F. Stein, Hornell, Five Star, Metropolis (New York), Burkhardt, Century, Tudor (Norfolk) A & P
Tudor Beer.Tudor Ale.Tudor Bock.
Weisbrod    Victors Liquors
no picture yet.
Westover    ? unsure.
no picture yet.
White Bear White Bear Brewing (Walter's) Ciresi's Liquor Store, White Bear Lake, Mn. beware of worthless reissues from the 1970s. The real ones are flat tops from the 1950s.
Wilco  Hofbrau Roger Wilco Liquors
Wilco Beer.
Zody's  Maier Zody's Discount Store
 no picture yet.

You can find out more about some of the stores that sold these brands at Discount Stores of the 1960s.
Also check Groceteria.com for the history of many different grocery store chains.


The following people were kind enough to help me identify brands and brewers.  If I left anybody off please let me know...thanks you!


Thanks D.J.!!

Thanks! Bob K.
Mark P.
Paul C.
Steve G.
Tom. D.
Andy S.

I also used the following print sources...

Andrews, Dan. "Grace Bros. Brewing Co."  Beer Can Collector's News Report  23:2 March/April 1993. 7-9.

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