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Atlas Brew Works

Atlas Brew Works

After I created my DC Brau page two other DC breweries began canning beer, Atlas Brew Works among them. This page will have a little bit of the history of the brewery and their cans. They also sell other brews on draft and in bottles, but since I only collect cans that is what I will show here. You'll find a link to their company page below. Also check the pages for the other DC breweries that can their product, DC Brau, and 3 Stars Brewery.


Atlas was founded in 2012 in Ivy City in North-East DC. (FWIW, the Christian Heurich Brewery considered moving to Ivy City in 1893, but moved to the Foggy Bottom area instead). Their cans brag that they are 100% solar powered since August 2015.

They began canning in 2015 and their cans follow a fairly consistent design. Like a lot of micros they release their beer in cans rather than bottles, as well as on draft.

The brewery is in a revitalizing industrial area and when on weekends their of lots of people sitting outside as well as walking through the neighborhood. I also noticed some local micro-distilleries in the area which were popular.

The Cans

If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!

District Common
The back shows the "Hancock Fountain Pen" which, well, I'll just quote the can. "Uncovered in the catacombs of Beacon Hill, the Hancock estate in Boston, this pen scratched the first signature of a new nation, and forever transformed our forefathers from British Heretics to Brave Heroes."
The back shows the Hailwood Motorcycle, driven by the great British motorcycle race Mike Hailwood (1940-1981)
I wish this can was easier to read because I think it's interesting. Charles Ponzi (1882-1949), an Italian immigrant living in Boston, came up with an idea of how to make money on International Reply Coupons. They were a way for someone to write a letter to a friend in another country, and by sending them the IRC, they could send you a reply. (it paid for the stamp in the recipient's country). Ponzi realized that because currency values fluctuated, you could make a profit if one currency dropped in value in relation to another. He briefly made millions of dollars, but by promising huge returns to investors he had to pay old investors with money from new ones. Eventually he ran out of new investors and the scheme crashed. The "Ponzi Scheme" gets its name from him, even though he was not the first person to use such a scheme.
NSFW=Not Safe For Work. The back shows the Serket Scorpion. Serket was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the scorpion. I am not sure why that is NSFW, but I like the can.
Atlas 1500
Named after the Washington National's ballpark, located at 1500 S. Capital Street, SE.
Home Rule

DC is still not represented in Congress and the back of this can features "Columbia's Lantern" used the DC Council meetings. (I have no idea if this is real or not. Cool story though)

This brand was only for sale first at a new Whole Foods on H Street NW in DC. I think it's my favorite of the Atlas cans. Photo from the opening, click to see larger.

Home Rule release.

Rally Cry
Released in 2017 in conjunction with DC Brau and REI. All proceeds were donated to the Capital Trails Coalition through the Washington Area Bike Association to help build and improve local bike trails. The beer was brewed and canned at Atlas, the hops were donated by DC Brau,the malt was donated by Breiss, and cans donated by Can Source.
Dance of Days
Released in the summer of 2017, it's named after a 1985 song by a DC punk band, Embrace.

If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!

Atlas Brewing Home Page (opens new link)

More on the brewery. A nice article and interview. (opens new link)



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