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DC Brau Cans

DC Brau

In 2011 DC Brau became the first Washington DC brewer to can their beer since Christian Heurich closed in early 1956. In June 2011 I made the first DC Brau can, The Public, my Can-of-the-Month. Since then they have added more cans to their line-up and new variations have appeared. Here are the DC Brau cans, listed in the order they appeared. Please note, I only show the cans. DC Brau has issued a lot of other brews, but only on tap. I collect the cans so that's what I list here. There are also pages for the other DC breweries that can their product, 3 Stars, and Atlas Brew Works.

DC Brau.


The Public. The Public.

The Public

The first can. Note the "Ball" logo at the top and the "Taxation Without Representation"

The Citizen. The Citizen.

The Citizen

This can came out in late 2011 but became more widely available in 2012.



The Public. The Public.

The Public

Same front, but the back does not have the Ball logo and now it reads "No Taxation Without Representation"

The Corruption. The Corruption.

The Corruption

Released in 2012. This was the third of their three main brands along with The Citizen and The Public.

The Stone of Arbroath

March 2012 (apx). Issued at intervals since.

Wings of Armageddon. Wings of Armageddon.

On the Wings of Armageddon

Released in cans at the end of 2012. It's sold on tap but reissued in cans a few times a year.



The Public. The Public.

The Public

The new back has a factoid about the possible name for DC if it became a state, "New Columbia."

Penn Quarter. Penn Quarter.

Penn Quarter Porter

Available in cans starting in April 2013. Occasionally reissued in cans.

El Hefe. El Hefe back.

El Hefe Speaks

Available in cans at the end of April 2013. Occasionally reissued in cans.


March 2013. A one-time run apparently. Made in collaboration with Ska Brewing. It's another difficult can to find and I still need one!


The Tradition

Issued with DC United in March 2014, it has the DC United Home schedule on the back. No follow-up can was issued in the following years. It is no longer listed among DC Brau's current products.


The Daughters of Poseidon Black Oyster IPA

Released in collaboration with Baxter Brewing in May this is a difficult can to find. 16 oz.




Smells Like Freedom

Released in collaboration with Oskar Brewing in two can sizes, 12 and 16 oz. They used a mixture of hops that smells like fresh cannabis. Another difficult to find short run. March 2015.

  I have the 12 oz, but I NEED THIS 16 VERSION STILL!

Brau Pils

Issued late March/Early April. I rather like this design. Issued regularly in cans.

Solar Abyss IPA

Released in June. According to some news accounts, this brand was replaced by Space Reaper in 2016. Solar is not listed on the DC Brau website as one of their products as of August 2016.

Instead of a growler, it's a "crowler." You but the can at the brewery, they fill it with your choice of beer, then they put the lid on.

In April 2015 DC Brau issued five new beers in cans in collaboration with other breweries to celebrate their 5th Anniversary. You got one of each of the five cans in a six pack, with a Wings of Armageddon to complete the six. Only sold at the brewery, it was a short run as well. The labels on these cans are applied, not printed on the cans.

Celestial Garden IPA with Austin Beerworks
Pink Pallet Jack with Perennial Artisan Ales
Ripa the Dipa with Sun King Brewing
The Wise and the Lovely with Cigar City
Zehn von Zehn with Port City (in nearby Alexandria, VA!)



Heurich's Lager

In March DC Brau and local beer historians Mike Stein, Joshua Hubner and Pete Jones, recreated the recipe for Christian Heurich's Lager. It was launched at the Heurich mansion, now a museum on draft in 2013, and re-released, and canned! in March 2016. I attended the launchings. How could I not, when my biography of Heurich is coming out soon! I have several cans set aside to toast my book when it comes out in Spring 2017.

Space Reaper

Issued in June, it was a short run and very hard to find.

Space Reaper Belgian

This version came out in August 2016.

Oktoberfest, 16 oz from fall, 2016.


Savor the Swill

Done in collaboration with metal group Darkest Hour

February 2017

Released in 2017 in conjunction with DC Brau and REI. All proceeds were donated to the Capital Trails Coalition through the Washington Area Bike Association to help build and improve local bike trails. The beer was brewed and canned at Atlas, the hops were donated by DC Brau,the malt was donated by Breiss, and cans donated by Can Source. Spring 2017.
Conflict of Interest, one of 2017's DC Brau's anniversary beers, this one made with Wyoming's Melvin Brewing.
Yonder Cities was made in conjunction with Baltimore's Union Craft Brewing. The cans have the glowing "black light' ink. But there is more to them than that. See below.
The two cans, side by side. The DC Can at left has DC's skyline at top and Baltimore's is visible when you flip the can over. Baltimore's, at right, has the opposite.

Jimmy Valentine's Total Victory

A 16 oz can, and a short release. It celebrates the 10th anniversary of a popular local bar.


Made for DC's Pride Day in cooperation with The Blade.

Thanks to Garrett for getting one of these for me at the parade.


This year's Oktoberfest can is a 12 oz, compared to a 16 oz in 2016 (see above)


If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!


Below, Boy Cat wonders why I am taking a photo of the empty beer can.

Boy Cat.

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