"Anybody can brew beer, but only God can make rust!"

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Thank You

A number of people have helped me build this website over the past four years.  Special thanks to..

Barry T: Cartoonist, who designed several great graphics for me.

Steve G and Matt M: for checking my Cans of the Month and alerting me to typos.

Bob Kay, for the many labels he's provided.

Karl, for information on Gunther's radio shows.

Charlie B., Dave L., and Robert F. for answering many questions over the past several years.

The Rusty Bunch discussion board has proven to be a goldmine of useful information.

Rob Largay gave me lots of good info on his family's brewery.

Pam at the Roanoke Public Library.

Nicole Cloutier, Special Collection Librarian at the Portsmouth Public Library.

The staff at the Boston Public Library at their main branch.

Stephen R and Bob P. for graphics and can photos for my Rainier page.

The staff at the Pimmit Branch of the Fairfax County Public Library.

The staff of the Washingtonian Collection at the District of Columbia's Martin Luther King Library.

The staff at the Atlanta Public Library local history collection.

Gary Heurich, Ray Johnson and Chuck Triplett.

Chris Eib for help on my Richbrau page.

Ken Jones, expert on Atlantic Brewing.

Randy K and Chris T, Michigan can experts.

anybody else who sent me information and corrections or who answered questions for me!




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